Lego based intervention




LEGO JO is a qualified and Licensed Lego therapy facilitator who offers a Platinum Standard, 5 star,  LEGO based intervention for children within schools and at our private practice based in the center of Brighouse.

LEGO JO's mission is to deliver the highest quality LEGO based intervention to a variety of children with varying needs and requirements. The outcomes of the intervention are to:

Boost resilience

Build on already established social skills

Embed new skills 

Build empathy

Encourage joint attention

LEGO JO offers a BESPOKE service for your school and provides all the LEGO, resources, learning and of course FUN!!!

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If you would like more information or to sign up to our Lego sessions please contact us. We are happy to visit your school and discuss your needs.

Lego Club

Additional Information

Lego club is based on the basic principles of play therapy and Lego based therapy (- originated by Daniel Legoff in the USA). Lego club is much more than simply playing with bricks. 

LEGO JO guides the children through a series of development and encourages the children to address and resolve peer to peer or social communication issues, helping them to express their feelings whilst learning problem solving skills.

Elements Therapies facilitated group sessions can help develop and reinforce play and social skills such as 

- Verbal and non-verbal communication 

- Joint attention

- Task focus

- Sharing and turn taking

- Problem solving

- Following and giving detailed instruction

- Asking for help

Lego Club is a fun way to build upon existing and emerging skills and the possibilities are endless!

Play, have fun, listen, reflect, nurture and build.